Saturday, September 8, 2007

Marissa has never missed a nap. Ever. If for some reason we're not home for naptime, she finds a way to catch her zzz's. After a long day of hiking, she fell asleep on the way down the mountain. And it was a very steep, rocky mountain. Another example: Last weekend Ryan's co-worker invited us to his parents' lake house on the Tennessee River. We got on the boat and Marissa immediately fell asleep on Ryan's shoulder, not minding that it was hot, humid, windy, and the sun was setting right in her eyes. It shouldn't surprise me though. I used to vacuum under her crib when she was a baby in order to get to to wake up after sleeping all day. And even then she still kept snoring away. Last October I got her picture taken in her Halloween costume. She fell asleep in the car on the way there, and didn't wake up the rest of the day. Not when I took her out of her car seat, not when I changed her into her costume, and not when the photographer was squeezing a rubber ducky and flashing the lights. Nope, I came home with pictures of a little Pea in the Pod with her eyes shut tight. That's just our Sissy. She really likes her sleep.


Janie and Andrew said...

I have to say again - that is THE funniest picture I have ever seen! Poor Sissy was just done. :) Lucky you - your kid sleeps!

Lindsey said...

She is so cute. Yeah, you are lucky that she will sleep anywhere. Jadyn fights naps and will never nap while we are out!