Tuesday, December 4, 2007

'Tis the Season

Things I love about Christmas:

1. Peppermint ice cream. Ryan's philosophy is, "If it ain't chocolate, it ain't dessert" but I love the light pink coloring intermixed the little bits of candy cane. (You can put chocolate syrup on top, babe.)

2. Buying gifts. I love this all the time but especially at Christmas.

3. Kids. Riley sort of understands Christmas this year and dictated a letter to Santa, which I transcribed and "mailed." Here is his list, verbatim:

--Grocery store
--Cash register
--Dump truck

4. Josh Groban singing O Holy Night.

5. Yummy scented candles.
6. Packages in the mail, even if I know what's in them.

Things I don't love:

1. That annoying song about wanting a hippopotamus for Christmas. I can't decide if the voice or the lyrics irk me more.

2. Holiday traffic. One thing I love about not working is that I can run errands during the work week and not deal with Saturday traffic. During Christmas the traffic is Saturday x 10.

3. Eggnog. Quadruple yuck.

4. Tacky outdoor Christmas decorations. Lights are one thing, but we drove by a house the other day with a banner that said, "Happy Birthday Jesus." Our neighbors across the street have this exact Spongebob, among several other scary holiday inflatables.

5. Taking down inside decorations. It takes forever and is the biggest mess. Ideally all our stuff would be down by December 26.
6. Mindless Christmas movies like The Santa Clause and The Christmas Story, although I think I am the only person alive who doesn't like the latter.


Lindsey said...

I love peppermint ice cream, but Nathan doesn't. What is it with these Parker men?

I loved Riley's list for Santa. I hope he gets every item!

I hate eggnog and tacky decorations too.

Funny story about Jadyn: She has a Noah's ark toy that has a little Noah that has a white beard. When she saw a Santa decoration for the first time this year, she called him "No-No" (translated Noah!). She was convinced she was right and kept telling us it was Noah.

Janie and Andrew said...

Oooh, I love peppermint ice cream too! And hear hear on the tacky decorations. I once saw an entire blow-up snowman family. Scary. I loved that Riley asked Santa for a grocery store! :) That list is definitely one to keep in his journal...And last of all, as for not liking The Christmas Story? That makes two of us.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I have never met anyone that doesn't like The Christmas Story! ha ha ha! I haven't ever had peppermint ice cream...you'll have to introduce me to it! I don't like eggnog much anymore. I used to LOVE it and drink an entire glass, but now it just doesn't taste the same. I also have to say I hate tacky yard decor period, but especially around Christmas! I have a neighbor with an inflatable snowglobe, those weird swirly lit trees and a few other reall winners! LOL

Riley's list cracks me up!

Lorie said...

How can you not like egg nog. That's one of the best things about Christmas. I'm definitely with you on The Christmas Story. I wouldn't be sad if I never saw that movie again.

Lorie said...

How can you not like egg nog. That's one of the best things about Christmas. I'm definitely with you on The Christmas Story. I wouldn't be sad if I never saw that movie again.

Dan, Kristi, and Clara Askew said...

You'll shoot your eye out! I don't care for that show too much either. It's creepy!
I do, however, agree with Ryan that if it aint chocolate it aint dessert. Good man. :)

Melissa said...

Last year when ladies from our ward brought over food after Branson's birth, one of the ladies brought over that exact Peppermint ice cream PLUS a bottle of Hershey's syrup. She said it is BEST with the syrup on top. Boy, was she right. Give it a try, see what you think. :) Even Brandon liked it, and he doesn't like peppermint ice cream either. My "favorite" blow up decoration is santa on a Harley! Wowee, is all I can say! :)

Mary Ann Carlile said...

I have to say that the peppermint ice cream with the chocolate Hard Shell topping,(not syrup) is the BEST! :)

*b said...

thanks so much for your comment on my blog. i didn't even know you guys had one.
i seriously think that your kids are two of the most adorable out there. congrats on #3 and good luck winning the name debate. i lost with Kylie and i almost always get how their names are so much alike. i've tried to get Dan to change it, but he won't. that's what i get for giving in to his pleadings right after giving birth...looking back i'm totally bummed i didn't hold out for what i wanted. Oh well!
wish we could see you guys in Utah for the holidays, but we'll have to try to get together soon somehow.
hope you have a wonderful holiday...