Friday, May 23, 2008

Back Among the Living

I'm back (sort of), after being under water for the last 7 weeks. I credit a few things for helping me emerge:

I'm finally getting more of this.

Because Sophie is doing less of this.

And more of this.

I finally did this last night.

Having a clean house shouldn't matter when I have 3 beautiful babies and a great husband, live in the richest country in the world and can practice whichever religion I choose. It shouldn't matter. And yet it does. It's amazing how much better I feel when my house is clean (clean being a relative term lately). I have more patience and more fun with my kids, and a more sunny disposition in general.

Last night I was stressing about housework and Ryan said to just "let it go." What? And lose my sunny disposition? But since I really don't have a choice right now, I have temporarily lowered my standards until Sophie is older and I have my nights off again.

Ryan's family came for a visit.

It was fun seeing everyone and I had a ton of help with the kids. I think everyone agreed that life below the Mason-Dixon line isn't so redneck after all.

Sophie is smiling.

It's unfair that she is bowless in all of her pictures when Marissa had a perma-bow in all of hers. Oh well.

Marissa actually let me do this to her hair.

If you know Marissa, this is a big deal.

Of course, this didn't hurt either.

And neither did this.

Now I just have to hit this. Stat.


*b said...

i love your blog and the way you write. you are such a great Mom. Congrats on Ryan's new job by the way and i hope you are doing so well.
i SO understand the bow thing not being in the 2nd one's hair. even now it's a fight i don't do as often as i should where with Taylie is was like another appendage.

what beautiful kids and i love your home! i'm jealous of your yard, garage and mortgage payment ;)


Kristi said...

Oh how I miss your sense of humor and your sunny disposition around. Heck, my house is a disaster, and I only have one kid! Two if you count Dan, lol. You're a saint. AND a great mom. Always remember that.

Janie and Andrew said...

That picture of Sophie smiling is spectacular! She does look a lot like Riley when he was a baby. :) Marissa looks so cute with pigtails - I'm very surprised she let you do it and actually kept them in!

snbjork said...

You are so funny. I love your posts, the fun pictures you find, and especially the pictures of your adorable kids! I am glad to hear that you are finally starting to feel more human. That is definitely a good feeling. Those first few months are so rough. Everything gets better when the babes start sleeping more at night. Such a treat.

I know exactly what you mean about a clean house (what's that??). It's easier to relax and feel happy when you don't feel like you're sitting in a pigsty (which is my house right now, well pretty much since Evelyn was born!). It gets to be quite overwhelming. Yay for mopped floors!

snbjork said...

Oh, I forgot to say that Marissa's pigtails are adorable! And, Sophie's smile is so sweet. It's amazing how that one little smile can light up your whole day.

Lindsey said...

I agree...your blog posts are very entertaining to read. So, you should write one a day for us to read!

We miss you guys already.

kellibattraw said...

Welcome back to the land of the living. :) Your kids are so adorable! By the way, you're not even allowed to think about feeling guilty for what you're eating until the baby is at least 3 months old. :)

Lorie said...

This post was hilarious, and your kids are adorable. Marissa looks so cute with her pigtails. She is such a cute little girl. Ice cream and peanut butter always make things better, but then again so do treadmills:)

AnnaLee said...


I don't think I knew you were going to have another little spirit come to your home!

Wow, your little ones are growing up so fast. what darling children with or without piggy tails. It is so good to see you and your family. I am so glad you have a blog. I am still figuring out how to make our look nice. I miss you all out there. I hope we will get to move back to Alabama. It will not be for sometime though.

Love reading how life is treating you.

Petunia said...

Hey Sara,
This is Lindsay. I'm glad you emailed. Your little family is so cute! I loved seeing those pictures and your blog is great...I'm bookmarking it so I can keep tabs on what you're up to. :)