Sunday, June 15, 2008

One Great Week

Last week was great! Ryan had the week off while he was waiting for security clearance for his new job, and I never have anything going on these days, so we decided to have some family fun. Typically our free time gets frittered away by yard work or errands, so it was a nice change of pace. Here are a few things we did:

We took up mini hike up Wade Mountain (although I use the term "mountain" very loosely). The older kids ate wild raspberries and had fun jumping off rocks. Sophie slept the entire time.

Marissa slept on the way down. Is that a familiar image or what?

It kind of reminds me of this one 10 months ago.

Ryan built a sandbox. It took a little pestering on my part, but now Riley and Marissa will play outside without me being out there with them. The downer is that now we have sand EVERYWHERE all the time. I didn't think about the mess beforehand, but I still think it is worth it. So far the sand-throwing has been kept to a minimum.

We went to the water park--twice!

I love baby cheeks.

Lastly, Ryan and I finally had some adult time together. Whenever the kids were napping we sneaked into our room, closed the blinds, shut the door, and....watched as many episodes of Friday Night Lights as we could before the kids woke up. Ryan likes it because it's about football. I like it because of the OC-like drama. (Ryan also enjoys this factor although he won't admit it.) Yes, it's a complete waste of time-- especially since all I've done lately is complain about how I have no time for housework--but now we're addicted.

Thank you Netflix on-demand. Go Panthers!

We had a great week and loved having Daddy home!


kmmclain said...

Don't you love the time when they are home! The hard part is when they go back to work, and you have to go back to some sort of routine. The kids are looking so grown up and adorable!

We miss you guys!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a fun week.

Friday Night Lights...really? I think I will have to pass on that one!

Melissa said...

Fun times! We are not going to get a sandbox because of the mess factor and all the neighborhood cats would come and pee in it! We hate all the animals in our neighborhood that come over to our house to poop and pee! I'm glad you were able to have fun with Ryan and the kids.

snbjork said...

How fun! I didn't realize Ryan had a new job. What a treat to have him home for a whole week! Seriously, how often does that get to happen?!

No wonder your kids were bored in my backyard. They have so much cool stuff to play with at their house! At my place, it's all about using the imagination....(in other words, no money for fun toys like swing sets,trampolines, sand boxes...)! =)

You asked about Pride & Prejudice. My answer is YES, the A&E version is a trillion times better than the Kiera Knightley version!!! I don't really care for the way she depicts the character of Elizabeth Bennett. She had it all wrong. So, please, please, whenever you have 6 hours to spare (break it up into segments) please watch the A&E version. Sooo much better!

The End.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Oh I just love Marissa and her cheeks. She and Tori really remind me of each other - the cheeks and baby fat! Love it! So I didn't know that Ryan got a new job! Where is he working now?

Janie said...

Great pictures of the kids! Funny memories of Sissy sleeping in the backpack though - LOL. Please please please post some of Sophie when her head isn't in the bjorn - it's been too long and I know she's grown a ton.

karen said...

So glad for you and the family. It is so fun just to be able to play. I love the pic's of Marissa. I bet you'll have fun showing her those when she is older. Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some nice down time from the mundane world we have to live in periodically!

I have to send my gratitude to netflix too, though my kids won't let me send back sky high---love it! It's a great and clean family flick! :)

Kristi said...

Hey Sara, Cute pictures sounds like you had a fun week. While you were spending time with Ryan home I was doing the opposite. Matt spent 2 1/2 weeks in chicago for training for his new job. I was a crazy person. He just got back Yeah. We have a blog now to. I know who would have thought check it out. Love you Looking forward to Balboa:)

Petunia said...

Looks like a fun week. I've realized how nice it is to have downtime at home. You managed to get it all in...recreation, relaxation and productivity. Way to go!