Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Secret's Out

I'm an excellent secret keeper and think you are too. Here are a few I have been dying to share, but please don't tell!

1. We finally got new furniture and although I love it, a part of me misses the old dumpy ones. I wouldn't bat an eye if a certain potty-trainee peed on this couch,

She went to a good home (sniff)

But I'd be a little more miffed about this one.

It needs some throw pillows.

2. I wish I were Veronica Mars.

Veronica is a high school student/private investigator who is trying to solve her best friend's murder. I love who-done-it detective stories and teenage dramas, so when the 2 are combined, I stay up watching all night. In a way I'm glad I didn't know about the show until recently because I doubt I could wait an entire season to solve the mystery. I love Netflix.

3. This past Easter I ate entire bag of mini cadbury eggs in one day and then hid the evidence. I may as well also admit that I did the same thing with a bag of candy corn last October.


4. Our swing set is the $99 Walmart special and every day we play out there I secretly hope it breaks so we can get a nice one. Copy that for our bedroom furniture.

5. I've finally started to call a binki a paci. That's what everyone calls them here in the South, but the real reason I switched is that paci is much easier to say than binki. Say both out loud and you'll see what I mean. I'm lazy, OK?

6. I really want to go blond for the summer but I'm not sure if I have the guts (or the money).

7. When I was a sophomore I cheated on a geometry test and still feel guilty about it. I haven't cheated since and I still hate geometry.

What secrets are you dying to share?

Now, if I don't put a few pics and some info about the kids my sister will call and haggle me, so here is little recap.

Riley: Broke his collar bone a few weeks ago when he crashed on his bike. He also saw his first theater movie, Monsters and Aliens, and started biting his nails and toenails. Yuck.

Marissa: Is completely over her paci and is sleeping in a big girl bed. Next up: potty training.

She insisted on the helmet.

Isn't her bed cute? Now I just have to paint the walls.

Sophie: Has turned into a little blondie with curly hair. She started walking on her birthday (April 4) and can say dada and mama. She loves her paci and so do I!


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!! You are so cute! You are a great and funny writer! I LOVE the bedding and bed! Way too cute! I think Riley and Bria are twins...she bites those things too! YUCK! and I love all of your secrets...I think I might have to reveal some of mine soon (on the blog, I already have a novel on your comments)! ;)

Lindsey said...

Yeah, so glad to read a new post. (And I would have killed you without updates on the kids!)

Your new couch is exactly what we want for our family room. Great taste!

Quincy Sorensen said...

I have been patiently waiting and have been well-rewarded. Your sofa is beautiful, and I hope you will post a picture of yourself when you go blonde.

kmmclain said...

Yeah a new post! I'm sorry about Riley. Is he okay? Thomas does the biting thing too. I think it is a faze they go through.
Love Marissa's bed. Very cute, and I love Sophie's curly hair.

You'd look great blond. Maybe that will be your next post...

Kristi said...

Thanks for the update Sara..... we are getting a new couch too. We have now been married for 11 years and our couch is that old. It is so done and time to give to a deserving college student. HA HA

kellibattraw said...

Yay- a new post from Sara! I love reading your posts; you are so funny. I need a good laugh right now! : )

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Go blonde, Sara, do it! Blondes really do have more fun;) Love the update - I would love to see more pics of Sophie too! She sure is growing up! One secret of mine: Whenever I go grocery shopping, 90% of the time I buy a candy bar at the checkout and it is gone by the time I get home. I have always wondered where it goes...

Dave to Claire said...

Yay! I was so happy to read a new post. I cant believe Riley broke his collar bone...poor guy and I can NOT believe you finally bit the bullet and bought a new couch. Good work! Now I'm a little sad that it's gone too. It was a Ryan and Sara staple you could trust. The kids are SO cute. I miss you guys.

Melissa said...

Hooray for the new furniture! I love, love, love the couch and Marissa's bed! How fun to be able to buy a girly bed. Go blond, then you can look like your cute kids! How in the world did Sophie get so blond! I miss you guys so much. Did you get a matching love seat?

Kristi said...

Secret's out - did you cheat off of ME in Geometry? :) j/k. I say go blond. I want to go black. What say ye? Love the pics of the kids. And I love binkis, too. I still say Binki - pasi sounds like breaking wind. Gross. :)

Wendyrful said...

Nice couch! Cute bed, adorable kids, and I caleld our paci - a Plug since that is what it did! plug the kid up. Then when the oldest started talking... it became a pluggie ;-) (the same child also 'needed' three at all times! One for her mouth and one in each hand!!!)
Sorry about Riley's collar bone! ouch!

Janie said...

Yes, you're right - I would have totally bugged you until you put up new pics of the kids. :) I am totally laughing about hiding the evidence of your stealth sweet session - I did the same thing with candy corn last fall! Go blond!!!!

emo said...

Once I pooped in a public swimming pool. That's my worst secret EVER. How is it that your blog got THAT one out of me???

Petunia said...

Ok, you're brave. I'm not sure I have any skeletons I want to let out of the closet :). That couch is awesome! We just got leather ones too and I love how easy it is to clean them!! I can't believe how big your cute kids are. What a happy life you have :).

Petunia said...

ps... I love that cute room!!!