Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Marissa turned 4 on August 11.

  • She wanted the same birthday party she had last year, except with My Little Pony decorations. And of course, "No boys, Mommy. Only girls can come to my party." Perhaps a particular older brother has indirectly taught her to be wary of boys?

  • She's the best older sister a girl could ask for. Sophie is extremely lucky to have her.

  • Nightgowns are the "it" pajamas right now. And she can't sleep without a ponytail, which I find very strange because I can't sleep with a ponytail.

  • She can finally write the the letter S. For the longest time she spelled her name MARIZZA. It was cute though. I have a bunch of examples saved in a folder.

  • When I told her I was pregnant, she didn't believe me. "You're just tricking me," she said over and over.

  • She finally believed when she saw my belly pop out. Then she was super excited and tells me every day that she's happy to have another baby sister. Whom she wants to name Roger.

  • I love her voice. It is so sweet and soft.

  • She's obedient, helpful, silly, and loving. Plus, I really think she has it going for her in the looks department. Sweet and beautiful--the perfect combination.

  • Right now we're in a "debate" about John the Baptist and Jesus. She insists that Jesus baptized John the Baptist, instead of the other way around. Nothing I say can convince her, which is kind of scary since she's only 4.

  • I don't know what I would do without her. We love you, Sissy!


karen said...

It's hard to believe she is 4! But mine turms 4 this week. Where has the time gone. She's adorable. A girly girl. Gotta love that.

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh...Roger. That's so funny! And I'm with her on sleeping with a ponytail. I couldn't sleep any other way. She's adorable!

kellibattraw said...

You really do have adorable children. : )

Lindsey said...

Loved seeing all the pictures.

She is gorgeous. Watch out when she is dating age!

Quincy Sorensen said...

What a CUTE 4-year-old!

Janie said...

Oh my goodness. She is so beautiful! I want to cry over and over again that we don't live close to each other.

I love that she wants to name your baby Roger. That is so funny!!! She is so grown up. I loved the pictures of her in her dance outfit.

Jessica said...

I love these posts!