Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tate Farms

I'm always complaining that we never do anything fun as a family, so a few Saturdays ago we decided to be spontaneous and go to the pumpkin patch. Despite the heat (over 90 degrees), we had a great time. There were tons of things to do for Riley's age group, like a hay maze, sunflower maze, and cotton jump. At the end wetook a hay ride out to a huge field of pumpkins where Riley and Marissa each chose a pumpkin straight from the vine. We paid for our pumpkins, waved goodbye to the scarecrows, and got in the car just before heatstroke set in.

Riley made Ryan jump with him the first time, but did it twice by himself afterward.

They had these cute little corn rides that are pulled by a tractor. Last year he was too scared to go but this year he had a blast.

Later that day we found corn kernels in his diaper . . .

And in Sissy’s too.

The cotton jump.


Lindsey said...

This place looks familiar! It makes me wish were there with you again this year. I am glad that Riley enjoyed it more this year.

Janie and Andrew said...

So cute - It looks like they both had a ton of fun. 90 degrees?? Doesn't sound like October!!!

Melissa said...

That place looks like so much fun! Do you know (or your mom) if there is anything similar here in SLC? There are things that are for the little bit older kids, but nothing for my youngens. I'm glad you went and that you had fun--especially Riley.

Janie and Andrew said...

Hey Melissa - I think the only thing somewhat similar in SL is at Wheeler Farm. Give them a call - I know they have hay rides and stuff that Adam would probably love.