Sunday, January 3, 2010

Man Alive! Riley's 5

Riley turns 5 today and boy-oh-boy has he had a busy year.

  1. He gets mixed up and says "cemetery" instead of "military". "Hey mom, look at that huge cemetery helicopter!" I love this and don't plan or correcting him any time soon.

  2. He carved his own pumpkin this year. Ryan cut the top off, but Riley scooped out the guts, traced the pattern, and cut out the face himself. He also set up the Christmas tree himself.

  3. He prefers non-fiction books to fiction. Lately he's into ones about space, dinosaurs, and volcanoes.

  4. We took off his training wheels in May. I had him dressed in layers so when he fell he wouldn't get too many scrapes. But instead of falling he hopped on that bike and never looked back.

  5. Every time I don't know the answer to one of his questions, he says, "It's OK mom. I'll just look it up online." Or sometimes he says, "It's OK mom. I'll ask daddy. He's smarter than you because he's older." (If only that were the reason!)

  6. He hates being by himself and won't play by himself.

  7. He takes a nap most days and is an excellent eater.

  8. He can't wait to go to kindergarten and ride the bus.

  9. A few months ago he was trying to decide who to marry: Lauren or Isabella (the cutie in the slide show). He loves girls and his best friends have always been girls.

  10. He had a naughty year.

  • He painted Marissa's toenails in her room and got red toenail polish all over her carpet.
  • He poured dish soap all over Marissa's head and dumped sand on her head a dozen times at least.
  • One day I couldn't find my wedding rings. I searched and searched and a few days later I was cleaning Riley's room and found them behind his bookshelf.
  • Then there was the time he cut a hole in his screen and went outside when he was supposed to be napping.
  • I could go on and on.

Happy Birthday Bruisey! We love you!


kellibattraw said...

I can't believe he is 5! You have such an adorable family and a funny blog. You really ought to grace us with posts more often. : )

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Riley! I can't believe that he is 5 and Heath is right at his heels. Kindergarten here we come!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Cute Riley! I remember when he was your only one and joined us for VT visits. I love the adorable things you wrote about him and am glad you are blogging.

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Riley. I loved reading about his mischief moments.

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Riley! This is one adorable birthday boy! It was so fun reading all about him. I learned a little about his mischief side...takes after Ryan I guess. :)

Janie said...

Happy Birthday Riley!!! I love you sweetheart.

Sara - I never heard about the screen cutting incident! Wow!! How long did it take you to discover that??? :) What a little rascal! Love that kid!

Jenni said...

Told you I'd sneak by with a HI! I can't believe how big he is getting - so cute and charming! Thanks for giving me a glimpse at what he has been up to since the "split" - I so dislike splits!


Wendyrful said...

WoW, 5! I remember when he was sucha little guy and you had just moved here. Time flies when you are having fun - living life... I can't believe some of those adventures. I'm a bit scared now!

Dave to Claire said...

He is getting SO big. I cant believe he can already ride his bike..and with no hands! I really hope we can see you guys some day soon. Happy Birthday Riley!

Kristi said...

He seriously still takes a nap?! I hate you. What a darling boy you have. Happy Birthday, Riley! Oh, and I love that I saw your hospital mug on the kitchen table in one of the pictures. Dan hates mine and tries to throw it out, but I use mine all the time still. They're perfect!

snbjork said...

I'm in love with Riley. At church on Sunday, during Sharing Time (when the kids split up in groups to hear different mini lessons) Riley and Marissa were sitting by each other on the floor. I was right behind them with Alton. I looked over and saw Riley put his arm around his sister and started playing with her hair and affectionately putting his cheek next to hers. It was so adorable! I couldn't resist patting his cute little arm and he rewarded me with one of his killer smiles.

Thanks for sharing some fun things about him. I assumed Isabella was a dead giveaway, so I was surprised to read that she has competition.

You should write some books. Seriously.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

What an adorable little boy. Even though he's only 7 months older than Tori, I feel like he does so much more than her! I still wanna come visit...maybe this year while Kristi and Lorie are having babies??

Petunia said...

SO cute. I can't believe he's five. Those kids of yours are absolutely adorable.

Autumn said...

Sara you have to blog way more often. you're such a talented writer. I totally laugh my butt off at every post.

Jimmy said...

Finally got to watch this - you guys do a great job of taking pictures in lots of unique places - nice work!