Thursday, October 22, 2009


Lately I've been in a bit of a blogging rut. I'm blaming it all on that I'm turning 30 this year. Today, as a matter of fact. So you want to know a little more about me?

1. I used to wear overalls like there was no tomorrow. I wore them in high school, college, post-college, and even while pregnant with Riley. I had 2 identical pairs. It's quite embarrassing to admit.

2. I always buy my own birthday gift. I'm OK with it and even prefer it. I do not, however, like to buy my own Christmas gift(s).

3. This year I bought myself a pair of designer jeans. When I brought them home and showed them to Ryan, he flipped. He went nuts. He told me to take them back. But I'm not going to, of course. I'm through with skinny, low-rise, ill-fitting jeans. Those are for the twenty-something crowd. UPDATE: OK, so maybe "flipped" and "went nuts" was a bit of an exaggeration. Ryan's a pretty calm guy. What he actually did was "question the economical value" of the jeans.

4. I must renege on a few items in my 100 list. It seems that back then, I didn't text, wear high heels, or get pedicures. I do all of those things now.

5. C-sections are a piece of cake for me. I've had 3 and getting my wisdom teeth out was 100 times worse.

6. I'm militant about washing my face and brushing my teeth before going to bed.

7. My sister and I are 16 months apart and did everything together growing up. I loved my childhood and loved being so close in age to my sister. I hope Marissa and Sophie are always best friends.

8. If I could relive any time in my life it would be college. I loved the 4 1/2 years I spent at BYU.

9. I paid big bucks for a spray-on tan this summer. So not worth the money.

10. My blood pressure starts to rise when I think about dinner. It's not so much the mess it leaves as it is the planning, shopping, and execution.

11. Which is why if I didn't have kids I would live on eggs, toast, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Ryan would make do with cereal and Taco Bell.

12. My mom made Easter dresses for my sister and me for several years. Learning to sew is on my to do list.

My favorite Easter dress.

13. I regret giving up tap and ballet and can't wait for my girls to dance.

14. I played softball for 6 years and made All-stars twice, but I stopped playing when I didn't make the high school team.

15. Food storage and emergency preparedness haunt me. My dream is a huge pantry with an inventory list taped to the wall.

16. I mowed the lawn for the first time this summer and actually enjoyed it. I like to capture that sweaty, gritty feeling occasionally.

17. Sleep is a necessary evil. I hate that I have to sleep when I could be reading a good book, watching Netflix, or cleaning my house.

18. I always go to bed way too late when Ryan's out of town and never sleep very well.

19. My short-term memory is great. I can remember appointments, game times, and grocery lists without writing them down. Now my long-term memory...not so great.

20. I came in 2nd place in the 3rd grade spelling bee because I forgot to add a "t" to the word "glisten." Or was it "listen"?

21. I've never liked my silhouette.

22. I giggle when I hear people curse. I can't help it.

23. The only store-bought cookies that are acceptable are Oreos.

24. I dislike Walmart but feel it's my duty to shop there because they have the lowest prices.

25. I don't coupon. At all.

26. I hate being tickled.

27. See these adorable kids?

I don't want to see a single adorable face past 8:00 pm. Make that 7:30 for the one in the middle. That said, I don't mind them waking up early in the morning.

28. All I own are T-shirts in a variety of colors. Short sleeves in the summer and long sleeves in the winter. I think I'm an excellent candidate for TLC's What Not to Wear.

29. It annoys me when people use too many exclamation points in their writing.

30. I may never forgive my mom for my first-grade appearance: a ridiculously short hair cut followed by a perm.

Now on to the next 3o years!


Quincy Sorensen said...

Happy, happy 30th birthday, Friend! I LOVED every single thing on this post and snickered a few times, too. (Remember, overalls were POPULAR back when you were wearing them all the time!). My blog is private now (annoying, I know) and I will send you an invite if you email me your email address. I'm
Hope you have a DELIGHTFUL day (no exclamation point).

Lindsey said...

Happy 30th Birthday Sara!!! I always love getting to know more about you!!! I love your blog posts!!!

The kids look so cute!!!!!!

Did I use enough exclamation points?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

I feel honored to be pictured on your blog, although I do wish it wasn't in that outfit. At least it wasn't overalls :)

Today I think you should wear your designer jeans, get a pedicure, and not make dinner. And maybe hide something of Ryan's in the freezer and make a treasure hunt for him to find it. You know, for old college days' sake.

Happy birthday!

Ryan said...

I don't think "he flipped. He went nuts." accurately depicts my reaction to the jean purchase. I think “was surprised” or “questioned the value proposition” would be more adequately reflect my response. But, you’re going to keep those jeans? Really? Just remember, sweetheart, you could buy all the jeans that you need at Walmart for the NEXT TEN YEARS for the price of those jeans!! (I don’t think two exclamation points is overuse in this case.)

Anonymous said...

Sooooo are you saying I am annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause I probably really do use too many exclamation points! :)

That was just for you! Oh and I so snicker in my head when others curse (glad I am NOT the only one). Thanks for the read and laugh. Happy 30th birthday!!!

Alley said...

Happy Birthday Sara. I hope that you have a wonderful day today and that the children don't drive you too nuts! You are the most amazing person I know and I think you deserve more than one pair of great "Mommy" jeans. When you account for all of the other things you don't do for yourself, designer jeans aren't such a bad splurge. And Ryan, I KNOW she looks fabulous in them!

HAve a great day and know that your dinner out sans children is onlt a mere 8 hours away. I love you old lady!!!!!

Kristi said...

super great post sara. Love the last picture. Matt looks kinda funny too.

Kristi said...

I love and miss you so. Happy birthday to my sweet OLD friend. Ah, the life of a 29-year-old. Hee!
I loved reading about your list. I may need to re-read this when I'm sentimental and needing my Sara time. :)

Michael said...

Happy Birthday, Sara! Even your old Home Teacher learned a few new things about you from this post. Hope you guys are doing great. We miss all of our friends in AL.

kmmclain said...

Happy Birthday friend. I hope it is a great one. I laughed as I read your post, especially with the overalls. I loved wearing mine and wore them with all of my babies.
The kids are so big! I barely recognized Sophie and Marissa. I would love to get designer jeans, but Nathan would have the same reaction as Ryan. Maybe oneday.

Miss you!

Lorie said...

Happy Birthday Sara! I wish I could be there to take your kids and let you go out and get a pedicure. I'm so glad you bought designer jeans. The only problem is once, you buy them you can never go back. They're the best. When Ryan sees you in them, he'll think they're worth every penny.

On another note...did you have to post that overall picture? That is quite embarrassing. The sad part is that I still own overalls, and can't bring myself to throw them out. I don't wear them, but I figure they're perfect for a Halloween costume some year.

One more thing. I think you're crazy to say that getting your wisdom teeth out was worse than having a c-section. Seriously? I hope I never have to go through one of those again!

Natalie said...

Sara, you are so fun! I miss being able to see you and be reminded what a great person you are. I love all of these little "Sara" facts. Have a Happy Birthday.

snbjork said...

Sara, you are wonderfully witty without even trying to be. I always look forward to reading your blog posts. I loved reading so much about you. Thanks for sharing. And please do have a fabulous birthday, without cooking dinner.

Janie said...

Happy Happy Birthday dear sister! I love you so much! :) I loved this little trip down memory lane with all the old pics and stories. You heard me laugh out loud at the last picture too! That was quite the haircut. :) I am so glad that we are such best friends - you are an amazing woman and I love you!!!

Claire Rogers said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sara. (I would use an exclamation point but I'm a little nervous at this point.) It was so fun to read about you and what you're up to. I say KEEP THE JEANS. It's always worth it to spend a "little" more for something you actually like and will wear. Besides they should stay nice for the next 10 years because I know how you love your pajamas (I wear mine all the time too and HATE going to work because that just means I have to get dressed). Have a great day and make Ryan take you to an Italian restaurant instead of Outback. :)

kellibattraw said...

Happy birthday Sara! And by the way, the picture of you in your cute little Easter dress looks like Riley with long curly hair! : )

Jimmy said...

Happy Birthday Sara!!!! I hope you enjoy your jeans. Let me just say you should buy another pair while your credit card still works (assuming Ryan heeds my council on this issue)

Melissa said...

Happy belated 30th! I hope it was great. I definitely wouldn't have taken those poor economic value choice jeans back either! Good work! Ryan's choice of words always make me laugh. I think you were always cute with your overalls. You were one of the few that could pull it off! Your kids are getting so big, sniff, sniff. I wish we could see them in real life.

karen said...

You have the best post. I truly enjoyed this. I could laugh and totally relate to lots. Hope your birthday was spectular.

Petunia said...

LOL! This post cracked me up! I hope you had a terrific birthday. So many of the things on that list are near and dear to my own heart. You are truly terrific and I count myself lucky to know an amazing gal like you. Happy 30th!